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USL League Two Top Performers, Presented by Soccer Syndicate: Week 10

By Staff, 07/13/23, 4:45PM EDT


Which players have been at their best this season?

It's time again to look at some of the players that have made fantastic impacts for their clubs this season, and are showcasing the ability to make an impact at multiple levels, according to the scouts at Soccer Syndicate!

Taylor Calheira, Christos FC – F

Calheira is direct in the truest sense of the word. For Christos this season, he’s been at his best running the ball down in the channels and bearing down on goal. He’s been a great finisher for the side, and applied a lot of pressure on opposing back lines. He loves getting a good cross in, and with the appropriate service, finishes his chances at a very high clip.

Joao Domingues, Miami AC – D

A ferocious and technically gifted left back, Joao Domingues loves the fight that comes with any soccer match. He’s gifted in attack, able to drive and pass up the left side, and is always up to challenge for the ball. Only 5’7, he makes up for any disadvantage with blinding pace, strong 1 v 1 defending ability, and great balance that allows him to recover in any challenge.

Bradley Sample, Thunder Bay Chill – M

A strong number 6, Sample is always a sure bet to keep the play ticking and to keep possession under control. Relishes his role in taking the ball off the back line, turning and placing through balls for his teammates. He’s an intelligent player that is able to cut out passing lanes and make the necessary tackles with his superb vision.

Karim Bachir Bey, AC Houston Sur – M

Becher Bey is the embodiment of ferocity on the pitch. Always ready to give his all, always one of the most energetic players on the pitch, Bey is aggressive in his tackles and always ready to drive the ball forward. His energy is only matched by his understanding of the game, and with goals and assists potentially being added to his arsenal next, he’s on track to become a fantastic midfielder.

Pierce Gallaway, Monterey Bay F.C. 2 – D

Formerly a midfielder, Gallaway has been deployed at the back for Monterey Bay F.C. 2 and has excelled at it. A machine with a high work rate, he’s also a fantastic finisher for his position. Able and gifted with his head and both feet, he can also strike a long pass to teammates and reads the game extremely well.

Gijs Hovius, Fort Wayne FC – F

The Dutch forward always tries to be the hardest worker on the pitch, and that usually means good things for Fort Wayne FC. He’s big and strong, but with a touch and an intelligence that makes the most of those physical gifts. He’s especially adept at laying the ball off to teammates who are running alongside him, and striking the ball purely with both feet.

Joey Mueller, Florida Elite Soccer Academy – M

Mueller is the engine of Florida Elite Soccer Academy. He’s been with the club since he was a child in the youth ranks, and his development has been superb. He’s technically gifted, and can strike the ball from miles out in dead ball situations. He’s got great pace and attacking instincts, whether that be going for goal or drifting wide to get a cross into the box. He can place a ball with the best of them, and it means Mueller generates a very large percentage of FESA’s chances.

Nick Kaloukian, Cedar Stars Rush – F

Kaloukian is already one of the best forwards in the country, having already played for Armenia’s U21 side and already been invited to the Euro U21 qualifiers this fall. Kaloukian is incredibly strong and technically gifted, and it’s hard to push him off the ball. His strength is his biggest strength, and he’s able to get to his spots in the final third even if facing defensive pressure. He’s also been great at dropping deep and springing his teammates when they go on runs in behind, and finishing when he’s given the opportunities.

Matthew Senanou, Chicago City SC – D

Senanou is one of the most powerful CB’s in League Two, and makes his presence felt by always coming up in the right spots against the biggest opponents. In Chicago City SC’s 2-1 win over Des Moines Menace at Valley Stadium, Senanou was the best defender on the pitch, snuffing out the multitude of attacking options with his pace, aerial ability and anticipation. He’s the reason the rest of the only spotless team in the league are able to be so aggressive in counterattacking opportunities, because Senanou’s ability to diagnose and shut down attacks is top class.

Boyd Curry, United PDX – D

Curry is a great communicator and leader at the back, with a great vertical leap and technical ability good enough to play anywhere on the pitch. He’s great at reading the game and jumping in to cut out passes and would-be attacks. Curry takes pride in his role of ensuring that the rest of the defense doesn’t let go of the proverbial rope, and he’s one of the best in the league at doing so.

Stefano Camerlengo, Ocean City Nor’Easters – GK

Camerlengo has great ability both as a shot stopper and as a distributor for the Nor’Easters, and has been fantastic in all of his performances so far. He’s tall, quick, and has the kind of mental steel needed to come up with saves in the biggest moments. Tall, with a big frame, it’s difficult to get the ball past Camerlengo, and even tougher to bully him into his net.

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